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Blogging is a popular medium for people to express their thoughts and opinions in an entertaining and informative way. While you can find a blog for just about anything, there is one topic that seems to gain new writers each day: traveling. Travel blogs are incredibly popular, and their fanbase does not seem to be slowing down. Why is this? Let’s look at a few reasons why people love reading travel blogs.

Honest Reviews

Many people read travel blogs to gain insight on trips they are planning. Rather than trusting a site like TripAdvisor, these individuals opt for an in-depth, honest review about sites, attractions, and even dining. Considering the fact that false reviews still run rampant on many dedicated review sites, it becomes even more crucial to get information from a source you trust. Travel bloggers are often very trustworthy, and they are typically up-front when they are being sponsored by a hotel or a restaurant. As long as your favorite travel blogger continues telling the truth about their experiences, why would you feel the need to search elsewhere?

Living Vicariously

Another major source of views on travel blogs comes from people who want to live vicariously through the bloggers. Many people are not able to afford a trip to Bora Bora on a whim, so they longingly read someone else’s detailed account of their stay. Almost every travel blogger adds pictures to their posts, too, making it even easier to imagine what it would be like to be there. Although it may not be the best reason, it’s undeniable that many people are driven to travel blogs due to their envy.

Inspiration and Advice

Let’s say you’re planning a big vacation, but you’re not sure where to go. Many people are in the same boat and want some kind of direction to help them make their decision. Travel blogs are a great place for this! You can find places you never even knew existed, as well as a lot of useful tips on why you should travel there, what to do, and how you need to act to fit in with the culture. After reading all of this information, you may feel inspired to travel to this place, too. Or, alternately, you may want to avoid a similar trip if it is not what you are looking for.

Traveling is a fun topic to read about, and with so many unique experiences documented out there, it’s no wonder that the travel blog niche is so popular. Even with the market’s current saturation, I see no signs of travel blogging slowing down anytime soon.