Smart travelers know that what they pack in their carry-on can make a huge difference in their ability to enjoy their trip. In addition to making the flight and any waits at the airport more comfortable, a carry-on can also contain valuable supplies if a traveler loses their luggage or decides they want to skip the fees and hassle associated with checking baggage.

All Important Medications

Those taking any medications with them on their trip should keep the meds directly on their person. This ensures that a lost bag will not lead to desperate scrambles to refill while in a foreign area. It also makes sure inhalers and epinephrine injectors are within reach in any emergencies.

Small Toiletries

Arrive at any destination feeling fresh by packing a few hand wipes, face wipes, lotions, and toothpaste in a carry-on. This makes it easy to clean up after a long flight.


Any type of air travel involves a lot of waiting around, so packing all sorts of entertainment is typically a good idea. Of course, most modern travelers will need at least a phone charger. Other good options can include a book, gaming console, puzzle book, or laptop.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Travelers need extra hydration in dry plane air, and most airports will not let people carry liquids through security. An easy fix for this is a water bottle that folds up when not in use. Travelers can fill it from water fountains to stay hydrated without having to pay ridiculous prices for a beverage.

One Change of Clothes

As long as a traveler has room in their carry-on, they can benefit from a change of clothes in case of any emergencies. Pick something lightweight like a sundress or simple tee shirt that will make a new outfit without taking up a lot of space. This can also be helpful when traveling to an area with a drastically different temperature.


This often neglected carry-on item is a great option. Packing a favorite snack ensures the traveler has a little comfort food in an unknown situation. It can help prevent the grumpiness and frustration of arriving at an airport to find out most of their food shops are closed for the evening.

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