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There’s no better way to capture the experience of a trip than with photography. The process of shooting helps the traveler come more in touch with the destination and overall situation. The photos will also help to keep the memory of the travels alive. Finding the best camera for this sort of photography can be tricky. Here are some things to look for when purchasing a travel camera.

  1. Compactness

Every traveler is trying to reduce how much stuff they carry. Too much luggage can slow one down and detract from the enjoyment of a trip. When purchasing a travel camera, it is recommendable to find one that is compact. A compact camera isn’t the same as a small camera. Instead, a compact camera is one that meets the perfect ratio of size and functionality. A camera that can pack a lot of different features into a small package is the best for travel.

  1. Battery Life

Battery life is another important feature to consider when looking for the best travel camera. It is very frustrating to have a camera die when shooting photographs on a long trip. With no outlets readily available other than in the hotel room, travelers are stuck with using their phones for photography. Instead of investing more money on a second camera batter, it’s much better to find a camera with a longer battery life.

  1. Weight

No traveler wants to pack more weight than they have too. Beyond paying more for overweight bags at the airport, this extra weight can cause back pain. Overall, the extra weight makes traveling a hassle. Larger cameras can easily weight up to four or five pounds. Instead of having to lug these giant models around, travelers may want to consider cameras that weigh less. Mirrorless cameras provide the quality of a DSLR while still reducing the weight, making them a great travel camera.

  1. Versatility

Another thing to consider when choosing a travel camera is versatility. Point and shoot cameras typically don’t have the capabilities that mirrorless or DSLR’s have. For example, long-distance exposures, zoom capability, and weather resistance are all factors that should be considered. Some cameras even can shoot underwater. Travelers should try to choose a camera that can handle the style of photography that they prefer.