Anyone that is not used to living in a tropical environment may find themselves quickly out of their element and underprepared upon arriving at their travel destination. Tropical climates can be blisteringly hot, which is not an environment to get stuck in without proper supplies and essentials. Traveling to a tropical destination well prepared will ensure that anyone has a great and relaxing time.

Lots of Sunscreen Lotion

It is not uncommon at all for people to arrive in a tropical destination and get a sunburn severe enough to warrant a trip to a local hospital. Any time that a person travels to a tropical destination, they should always bring loads of sunscreen lotion. The Caribbean and Southeast Asia are notorious spots to get severely sunburned in.

An Umbrella

Bringing a large umbrella to a tropical country is an absolute must. The umbrella will likely serve as a dual-purpose device, protecting its owner from heavy rain and extremely hot sun. Tropical destinations are known for their rainfall as much as they’re known for their warm climates. A traveler should always be prepared to encounter both wet and hot conditions over the course of a single day.

Bug Repellent

Another thing that tropical countries are known for is having far more bugs than the average cold-weather climate country. Whether it is mosquitos, spiders, ticks, flies, or stinging ants, a person should be prepared for an onslaught of insects from the moment they arrive. A strong insect repellent spray will ensure that a traveler doesn’t incur an unnecessary number of insect bites.


It is shocking how many tourists spend the bulk of their tropical vacation wearing a pair of clunky sneakers with long socks. It not only looks ridiculous to see a person strolling down a beach while wearing shoes, but it is incredibly uncomfortable. Not wearing shoes is actually quite healthy and natural, as it allows adequate blood flow to move throughout the legs and feet without restriction.

Water Shoes

It is a ton of fun to play around in the ocean water. However, the ocean bed oftentimes is lined with sharp shells or jagged rocks. Water shoes are great to wear while walking around in the ocean, as they offer the wearer a thick layer of protection that keeps their feet well protected.

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