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The typical hotel with room service, a comfortable King-sized bed, and indoor plumbing may be great while traveling but it’s also, well, typical. For the adventurous traveler who wants to experience something new, exotic, and exciting, these unique hotels are worth seeking out.

Icehotel in Sweden

The Icehotel in JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden is located 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Part art exhibition and part hotel, it’s the world’s first ice hotel, and it’s rebuilt every year between December and April from ice blocks and snow from the Torne River. Artists design and decorate each room from ice. The hotel features bedrooms as well as an ice chapel and bar — all at a constant temperature below freezing. There are no bathroom facilities, but they are available in a warm building nearby.

Palacio De Sal in Bolivia

If the idea of an ice hotel doesn’t sound appealing, maybe salt will. The Palacio De Sal is the world’s first salt hotel, made entirely out of salt blocks stabilized with wood and decorated with salt furnishings. The hotel also features whirlpool baths, a saltwater pool, and a steam room.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Unique hotels aren’t just about opulence; they are also about experiences that can’t be duplicated elsewhere. At Kenya’s Giraffe Manor, guests enjoy brunch and bonding with Rothschild giraffes. The small hotel offers 12 suites within the indigenous forest of Nairobi with the opportunity to meet giraffes daily during the morning and evening.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort offers the perfect opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring Northern Lights from the comfort of a glass igloo. The resort is comprised of numerous glass igloos in different sizes and shapes, including igloos with attached lodges and chalets. If that isn’t enough, the resort also offers ice swimming, saunas, fishing, husky and reindeer safaris, and Santa’s Celebration House.

The Muraka in the Maldives

Nothing on earth compares to The Maraka — partly because it isn’t even on earth. The Muraka, which opened in November 2018, is a unique two-level villa immersed in the Indian Ocean at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. The villa features living space, a bathroom, and a bedroom five meters below the surface on the ocean floor. Above the water is a separate living area for sleeping, dining, and entertaining.