One thing that stops young adults from traveling is the price tag. If that dream seems out of reach because of expenses, EF Ultimate Break has you covered. With EF, you can discover your next international adventure without the worries or hassles that come with planning a trip.

They allow young adults to explore various countries, experience the culture all within a budget-friendly package. So you can travel the globe and make friends while also being budget-conscious

Stress-Free Travel Arrangement

EF agents completely organize the trip for you. Their packages include travel and accommodations. And if you can’t pay all at once, you’re able to pay over time with a payment plan.

All flights are booked through major airlines. You’ll be traveling with a reputable airline, and your fees and transfers are included in the booking.

Accommodations are chosen by EF agents with your adventure in mind. They are affordable as well as convenient in a safe part of the city or town you’re in. You’ll have access to the sites and eateries you plan to visit.

You will be at a walking or short driving distance to attractions and hotspots. They have tour guides at every destination point who can advise you on the local happenings or even transport you to a particular destination.

Adventures for Young Adults

These adventures are specifically offered to young adults aged 18 to 29. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling alone or with others, you’ll be able to meet others who have used EF to organize their international adventure.

You can choose you from many destinations around the globe. This includes Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Latin American, Africa, and North America.

You can take a shorter trip, which is less than ten days or a longer one. For instance, their longest trip is the Ultimate Earth trip, and it takes you around the globe, visiting 22 cities in 55 days.

EF ensures safety as they have a presence in every destination point. They have a team of 52,000 members located in 114 countries. All are there to serve and assist travelers.

Whether you’re looking for a short trip and a visit of a couple of cities in any country or a long adventure to several destinations, EF takes the guesswork out of paying and planning your trip of a lifetime.

Visit EF Ultimate Breaks website to learn about the opportunities they have for young travelers.