2019 is seeing a bit of a trend shift in the tropical travel venues world. While some tropical destinations have remained at the top of most travel lists for decades, there are some newcomers to the preferred destinations list for this year. Hot travel destinations for this year include the Philippines, Maldives, French Polynesia, Seychelles, and Greece. All of these places are very affordable to travel to and offer tourists warm weather and breathtaking beaches that are often difficult to say goodbye to.

Palawan, Philippines

Rated as one of the best beaches in the entire world, Palawan will definitely not disappoint. The archipelago located in the northwestern corner of the Philippine islands offers beaches and ocean scenery that are as close to paradise as a destination can get. Activities in Palawan include snorkeling, diving, lounging, and island hopping.


Situated in the Indian Ocean, the archipelago referred to as the Maldives offers visitors stunning light blue ocean water and soft white sand that looks like it came out of a scene in a movie. The island offers visitors fine dining, fishing tours, scuba diving, cliff diving, hiking, and private island lodging.

French Polynesia

This small group of islands was created millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions that took place on the ocean floor. Common activities on these islands include swimming with sharks, jet ski tours, beachfront dining, kayak tours, lagoon cruises, inland off-road 4WD trekking, waterfall tours, and much more.


This beautiful tropical island can be found just off of the coastline of East Africa. Forming an island group of 115 separate landmasses, Seychelles is known for its crystal blue waters and largely untouched tropical scenery. This is a favorite destination for honeymooners due to the romantic sunsets and scenery available. Fun Seychelles activities include starfish gazing tours, private beach stay, snorkeling trips, sunset cruises, fast ferry boat rides, and more.

Santorini, Greece

The island of Santorini is arguably the most famous tropical island in the country. The destination offers not only beautiful beaches and warm Mediterranean water, but also volcanic landscapes, ancient cities, and some of the best food and wine available in the world.

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