With incredibly busy careers and personal lives, most people need time to unwind. Unfortunately, that can be difficult when you’re constantly connected to technology because it’s hard to avoid incessant phone calls and social media alerts. What if you could find a place where you were either forced to unplug or highly motivated to do so? If you truly want to get away and decompress, check out the destinations below. These are locations that will ensure your time away is peaceful.

Oaxaca, Mexico

If you enjoy the beach, you’ll love having a bungalow on the beach off of Mexico’s Pacific coast. You can experience coconut trees, sea turtles, and many other beautiful sights that can’t even be imagined unless you see it for yourself. For even more relaxation, you can enjoy an aromatherapy massage, which is a service that’s readily available in Oaxaca. Another treasured experience is the rainforest, which can feel transformative.

Big Sur, California

A lot of people that live in San Francisco and Los Angeles appreciate visiting Big Sur because it’s absent the crowded highways and busyness of surrounding cities. Big Sur has old redwoods, rugged mountains and pine forests that are incredibly unique and beautiful. A treasured destination in Big Sur is the New Camaldoli Hermitage, which is a Benedictine monastery that’s active. You can participate in daily prayers and enjoy the simplicity of private homes and outdoor areas. The New Camaldoli Hermitage is a tranquil place with amazing ocean views.

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica is known for its sustainability and ecotourism. When it comes to getting away from it all, this is a place in the world that’s coveted because it doesn’t have phone or internet access. Instead of stressful phone calls, you can enjoy a spa treatment of your choice. When you’re all done, you’ll probably want to rest in a hammock and appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

You can choose any of these ideal destinations to experience sheer relaxation. These are all places where you can get rejuvenated. Taking time to relax isn’t just something that’s nice to do; it’s often a necessity for overall health and wellness.