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Travel has long been taken as synonymous with expensive or luxury. But as globalization continues and society becomes ever more interconnected, competition expands and prices lower. While not all travel has become affordable for people of all incomes, through research and planning, all travelers can have an inclusive, memorable, and budget-friendly vacation in many different areas around the globe.

Thailand – Anyone who has researched inexpensive places to travel has come across Thailand as an option, as it is often referred to as one of the most budget-friendly countries in the world. The exchange rate alone is a fairly persuasive argument on its own: $1 U.S. dollar equals 32 Thai Baht. The highest average price for hotel rates in January and the lowest in October, making fall the perfect time to travel. Flights average around $675 in October and creep up to about $800 for the remainder of fall. Expect inexpensive buses and trains, beautiful beach and mountain scenery, and busy city life. Visit tourist favorites, Bangkok or Chiang Mai, to indulge in amazing cuisine, memorable souvenirs, and Thai culture.

Colombia – Depending on the city flown into, round-trip airfare costs between $500-$700. No matter where your flight lands, travelers can take in the views of the city, mountains, and sea within a little over a week. However, this country has enough sights, culture, and cuisine to bring tourists back again and again. While cities such as Medellin and Bogota have long been a destination hotspot, the coastal town of Cartagena has increasingly gained attention from travelers as an affordable, historic and friendly city.

France – While it is no surprise that France is a hotspot vacation destination, the cheaper airfare, and affordable rates may shock travelers. The average round-trip flights land around $700 in the fall, although booking one-way tickets may save travelers a couple hundred dollars. The fall season in France gives way to annual festivals and art shows, as well as the beginning to many museum and gallery shows. If you’d rather take in the sights, head to Martinique, a Caribbean Island of France, to soak up the sun laying at the beach.

Spain – In particular areas of Spain, such as Barcelona, temperatures can reach up to 80 degrees in September, making the fall a perfect time to travel, stay warm, and save money. According to, flight prices are considerably reduced during the final months of the year, with November being the most affordable month. (Round-trip flights are around $700.) Tourism numbers are also down, so travelers can expect a less crowded experience of the countries architecture, public parks, tapas (Spanish appetizer/snack). Thanks to the extensive variety of civilizations that have lived within Spain, diverse traditions, cultures, and architecture can be seen throughout the entire country. The cherry on top? The easily navigated country is also relatively inexpensive, making it an option for all, including those with tight budgets.