New parents often feel that taking vacations with babies is too difficult. However, there are many convenient vacation spots designed for young families.

Orange Beach

Located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, the sugary beaches and aqua water of the Gulf are beautiful and only crowded at peak times. Condominiums and hotels line the highway, and vacationers have the beach right below their balconies. One of the hotels, the Hilton Garden Inn, has commodious rooms with microwaves and refrigerators and room service. There are swimming and baby pools indoors and outside. Hilton Garden Inn’s reasonably-priced rooms are near restaurants and stores, so this location offers many conveniences and fine dining.

Carlsbad Beach Resort

For those on the Western side of the country, this resort is delightfully close to the beach. This inn provides one and two-bedroom condos, allowing parents to put the baby to sleep in one room while the rest of the family can enjoy watching a movie or play games. There are family activities in the courtyard, and at the pool.

Boise, Idaho

New parents can travel to the Boise Guest House and rent commodious rooms with a private entrance. Sturdy walls will not carry the sound of crying to the next room, and other conveniences are available such as a full kitchen. Parents can go out the door and push a stroller the short distance to downtown Boise that has an art museum with an outdoor garden, a 19th-century prison with military weaponry, and trails and parks.

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

This resort is very child-friendly with rounded edges on the furniture. Parents and babies can easily go to the pool or return to the room for naptime. A ride to the Magic Kingdom is only one stop away on the monorail. There, Baby Care Centers with private nursing rooms, feeding areas with high chairs, changing rooms, microwaves, and shops with baby essentials are all available.

The Inn at Cannon Beach

This rustic wooden inn in Oregon harmonizes perfectly with the simple, natural setting of the gardens and Tolovana Beach that is only a three-minute walk away. Sand buckets and beach toys are available for the children, too. A kitchenette is handy for everyone, and there is a gas fireplace to take away any chill in the rooms. Since the inn is a short distance from the town, a drive to restaurants serving delightful crepes and delicious seafood is both easy and enjoyable.

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