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Every foodie looking for a new taste will have a grand feast around the world. In every country and every culture, there are delicious delicacies and foods to try. Your next journey should be all about exploring new dishes and trying foreign eateries. For the best food destinations from around the world, look no further:

Paris, France

This one may be a bit obvious, but Paris is one of the most incredible cities for foodies to enjoy. A trip to Paris will feature beautiful sights, amazing culture, and the best eats in the country. From croissants, Croque Monsieurs, escargot, to frog’s legs, this city is filled with delicious, savory dishes that are to die for. Tourists will find markets, local crepe stands, and even a full-day food tour.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is a country known for its culturally rich dishes and prides itself on being the best when it comes to making food. Known for homemade pasta, meaty tomato sauces, and exquisite wine, Tuscany is the best destination in Italy for foodies. Tuscany is abundant with beautiful vineyards, cooking schools, and winery tours for tourists to experience their traditional food and culture. When taking a trip to Tuscany, be sure to hop on one of their food tours and visit local markets to have the full, delicious experience.

Tokyo, Japan

Outside of the great places to eat in Europe, travel to Tokyo, Japan for the ultimate foodie experience. Tokyo is home to sweet, spicy, and savory foods that will leave you speechless. They have the freshest sushi, tasty teas, and other traditional foods to make your tastebuds go wild. From back alleys, famous restaurants, and the best food markets around the world, Tokyo is the place to get your next tasty food fix. Even if its a food you’ve never heard of, you won’t regret giving it a try.  

Bangkok, Thailand

This is a city with many reputations. One of them being the best city in Thailand to find savory dishes that must be experienced. Go to the local night markets, floating markets, and street vendors for a unique culinary experience. Authentic foods to try are Som Tam, Tom Ka Gai, spring rolls, and of course Pad Thai. Don’t be shy when on food tours throughout the city. Thailand is home to some of the most unique dishes you will ever have the chance to taste.

Melbourne, Australia

Down under is exactly where you want to be if you are a true foodie. Not many people know the great food Melbourne has to offer. The city is home to amazing food and wine festivals that feature the best dishes Australia has to offer. There are also great restaurants to try, food walks to enjoy, and wine classes. Not to mention, Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit. It is definitely worth the trip.