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Cell phones are a modern necessity for most people. Traveling with a cell phone, however, presents a lot of risks to your beloved tech. While traveling with your cell phone, you could lose it, either forgetting or leaving it somewhere, have it stolen or worse: it could break. You can’t exactly leave it at home while you travel, though, especially over long distances. Countless daily tasks depend on your phone for completion. Consider traveling throughout your country without the use of a helpful and highly accurate application like Google Maps. The following is some of the best advice for traveling with your cell phone.

  1. Don’t Forget To Charge It

You never know when you’ll need to make a call, text or check the internet for local places of interest. You should always make sure to charge your cell phone as close to 100% battery life as possible, before leaving your hotel. Invest in a car charger for longer journeys. Most of them plug directly into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Furthermore, you can carry either a spare battery for your phone or a portable charge station, like the ones sold by Anker, just in case of emergency.

  1. Always Check Your Pockets

It’s a really bad habit to leave your phone lying out on the table as you eat at restaurants or converse at the bar. Many of us lose track of what we’re doing and end up forgetting our phones, leaving them to be lost or stolen potentially forever. Check your pockets, purses, and jacket before leaving any establishment. Make sure your cell phone is either in your hand or on your person before you leave the joint, never if not seldomly to return. Once you make it habit of double-checking your possession for your cell phone, you’ll never leave it another place again.

  1. Turn On Your Wifi

It’s easy to overuse mobile data and drive your cell phone bill to enormous prices. This is why you should always turn on your wifi connection for internet use, whenever possible. Plenty of places around the world offer free wifi. Even public transportation gives passengers the option to connect for free. This will save you a ton of money while you’re traveling, since you won’t have to use your own mobile data for online services.