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When people think of NYC, they think of the Statue of Liberty, hot dogs, and Broadway. Out of these three, the toughest to catch on a quick day trip to the City is a Broadway show. Popular shows can be booked months or years in advance, and even lesser-attended shows are hard to find tickets for. If you want to experience the theater scene during your trip, but can’t find tickets to a packed show, these are a few good alternatives.

Inside Broadway Tours

Are you a huge fan of all things musical theater? If so, you will appreciate taking an Inside Broadway Tour through the Big Apple. On this tour, you will learn all about the historical transformation of New York into the entertainment capital of the world. During this trip, you can expect to learn how many actors got their start, discover the history of technology in theater, and explore many legendary locations. The best part? You’ll be guided along by professionals in the industry, who have experienced the life firsthand.

The Bushwick Starr

Black-box theaters may not be as glamorous as the huge stages hosting Broadway shows, but the Bushwick Starr is the place to go for a high-quality, more intimate show. With only 60 seats, you are sure to be front-and-center to all of the drama and laughs happening around you. If you want amore unique experience that will stay with you forever, I suggest checking out the Starr on your next NYC trip.

Shakespeare in the Park

A large number of actors have one thing in common: Shakespeare. The bard has been entertaining audiences for centuries, and luckily for you, our city has some of the best recreations of his plays out there. Head over to Central Park for a free show and you’ll be sure to see some expert-level acting.

Going to see a Broadway show is on many people’s bucket list, but for that reason, it can be near impossible to see some shows. Before giving up on a trip to New York, check out what other options you have and try a unique experience you never thought you’d have.