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Taking a Gap year between high school and college is a common practice in Europe and is becoming more popular in the United States. Some students choose to spend this time volunteering or working. However, many young adults choose to travel during this special time. Here are some of the best locations to spend a gap year:

Thailand. For many young people, Thailand is an ideal place to visit during the year of exploration before beginning college. Accommodations and flights to this destination are relatively inexpensive. In addition, backpackers from around the world descend on Thailand year-round to explore the country and its culture.

Australia. The land down under is also an intriguing place to spend a gap year. With cultural, environmental and wildlife programs designed for young people, Australia is a remarkable place to garner a greater understanding of the vastness of the world and how human interactions with the world impact the environment.

South Africa. For many years South Africa has been working towards building its economy and investing in its travel industry. These efforts have paid off and South Africa is a premier destination, particularly for students with an interest in political and social sciences. Not only is South Africa a beautiful place, but it also presents students with the unique opportunity to observe how the country is rebuilding and developing.

The United States of America. For both American and foreign-born students, the United States is an excellent place to spend a gap year. The country is vast and several different climates and topographies can be explored. From the rocky mountains to the Florida Everglades there are a variety of ecosystems to explore. There are also many different cultures to study and learn from in the United States.

Peru. For many years Peru has been a popular place for young adults to explore during their gap year. For students interested in backpacking and exploration, the Inca Trail and the Ades Mountains provide a perfect backdrop.

Indeed there are many interesting locations to visit during a gap year. Students should choose a destination that offers programs and experiences that are important to them. The gap year should be a time of exploration and attempting to understand the world better prior to beginning college and choosing a major.