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People all around the world are stepping onto long-haul flights today, completely unprepared for all of the free time they’ll have. When you’re planning to travel long distances, you should bring several things to do to bide the time. Here are some of the options you can choose from when packing for your flight.


If you’re going on a business trip, there’s no harm in getting started on the plane. Anything that doesn’t require you to physically be somewhere to do the work can get done. This is great if you have a lot of reports and other busywork to get done.

Watch Movies or TV

Many planes come equipped with screens in the back of the headrest where you can watch TV and movies. However, the selection is often slim, and you may not have interest in watching what they provide. In this case, saving some movies or shows to your laptop or tablet is a great option. Some streaming services have an offline mode, so you can enjoy your entertainment without paying the airline’s extravagant WiFi prices.


Some people are nervous about flying and need something to relax them. Coloring is a great way to do so! Bring an adult coloring book and some colored pencils and you can enjoy your flight while taking your mind off of any fears you have. For bonus points, download a calming playlist to listen to at the same time.

Learn a Skill

Traveling is a great time to learn something new, as you can keep to yourself for hours and, if you’re lucky, there aren’t many disturbances. This is a perfect opportunity to learn a new language, try coding, or learn a different skill. If you’ve been dying for some time to learn something new, a long plane ride is the best time to get started.


People around the world are reading less and less, and many people regret not spending enough time with a book. When you’re flying, you have tons of time to catch up on this long-forgotten habit. Try bringing more than one book, and perhaps bring a digital version of one book and a hard copy of another. Better yet, bring one nonfiction book and one fiction novel. You may find that switching between the two eases reading fatigue.

Plan Your Trip/Plan Your Return

Whether you’re going to your destination or heading home, you most likely have things to plan for. You may need an itinerary for sightseeing, or a post-vacation cleaning list. Regardless of what you need to prepare for, take this opportunity to make all of the lists and schedules you’ll need for your arrival.

Get Some Rest

This final point is very simple. Traveling is exhausting, so flying is a great time to get some sleep! Just make sure to bring your own pillow and blankets, as those provided may not be the most sanitary.

Flying isn’t always as simple as getting from point A to point B quickly. It can be a time-consuming process, and the flight itself can be dreadful if you are not properly prepared with things to do. Next time you fly, try out these activities to make the time go by quickly.