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Over the years Ephraim Vashovsky has traveled to a number of different locations in association with his philanthropic work. Before working as a real estate professional, Ephraim was employed as a Rabbi and teacher at Sinai Academy in Brooklyn, New York. He worked at Sinai Academy for 18 years. Ephraim’s time as a Rabbi, has shaped his approach to business as well as his personal life. Although many people travel the world in search of adventure or relaxation, the majority of Ephraim’s travels have been undertaken on behalf of Shuvu, a Kiruv organization that Ephraim cares deeply about.

Shuvu is an organization that has a network of schools in Israel that serve Jewish children who have a Russian background. After the fall of the Soviet Union, many Jewish families emigrated to Israel. However, many of the children didn’t possess fundamental knowledge of Judaism due to the Soviet Union’s lack of religious freedom. Shuvu was established to help these children transition into Israeli society without any issues.

In association with Shuvu, Ephraim Vashovsky traveled to countries such as Israel, Ukraine, and Russia. More recently he visited to San Diego, California. During each of his trips, Ephraim gave seminars that related to Shuvu’s work. Although Ephraim enjoyed visiting destinations that he had never seen before, his main purpose with each trip was to educate others on the importance of Shuvu. While it is fun to sightsee and do other activities that tourists do, Ephraim’s purpose with travel has always been to help others in any way he can.

When Ephraim Vashovsky still worked as a Rabbi, he spent each summer helping out Camp Shalom which is based in upstate New York. He enjoyed traveling to the campsite and spending time with the children who attended the camp. Although most of Ephraim’s traveling has been related to philanthropy, he also enjoys traveling for fun when he gets the opportunity. During his youth, Ephraim trained to be an olympic diver. The water is always an enjoyable place for him to relax. So when he travels for pleasure, Ephraim will chose a destination where there is water close by. Even if he is not swimming he finds it relaxing to sit by the water.

Professional Background

Ephraim Vashovsky is a real estate professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. As the president of Vasco Ventures, he has earned a reputation for integrity and transparent business practices. Today Vasco Ventures is recognized as one of New York City’s foremost real estate investment firms. Ephraim is proud of his success and grateful at the same time. One of the cornerstones of Vasco Ventures is giving back to the community. This approach to business is influenced by Ephraim’s history as a rabbi and commitment to philanthropy. Helping others is an important part of Ephraim’s personal worldview, so it has always been important that his business adopts similar principles. While the majority of Ephraim’s properties are located in the New York area, he also owns several properties in other areas of the country including Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey. To learn more about Vasco Ventures visit the company’s official site.

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